The story of an idea that has traveled far. Reinvention at the heart of all their endeavours.

Is a name. An emotion. And it’s a promise.

Culled out from the annals of India’s spiritual journey, the name spells prosperity & peace. For in its other avatar it is the name that the Lord Mahavira is fondly referred to in veneration. A name that spells and offers the idea of peace & bountiful prosperity in all aspects of its existence.

As a business house the Vardhaman Group has grown from a fledgling sapling to a tall oak under whose shade many brands have gone on to establish themselves seriously in the Indian markets. With sombre & humble beginnings in the early 90’s when the Indian markets opened up in the first wave of liberalisation, Mr.Bherumal Jain and his family took their first steps in acquiring distributorships for major FMCG brands in the city of Bangalore.

And yet it was in the opportunity that the Vardhaman family sensed in the Indian Beauty & Grooming industry that their real fortunes lay. In the year 2012, Kraftpro & HNK were established after a thorough market understanding into brands that promised innovation in design & ergonomics with prime emphasis on craftsmanship.

Kraftpro & HNK ventured into the realm of providing high end styling instruments like scissors, advanced grooming brushes and clippers & trimmers, hair dryers, curling instruments, foot massagers among other innovations. A decision that slowly led to both the brands firmly entrenching themselves as one of the country’s most trusted brands in beauty & grooming equipment. Brands that today command the respect & the awe of the styling community & its allied businesses across the footprint of the nation.

The Vardhaman tree of life, as its logo reflects, is the symbol of philosophy. Of prosperity being incomplete unless it’s shared with everyone who’s worked with you. Of a peace that’s incomplete unless it’s not wished for by everyone in this world. The Vardhaman Group has at its heart the vision of myriad lives thriving and nurturing the brand with their work, in a circle of life.

With the mantra of Reinvention at the heart of all its endeavours, Kraftpro & HNK are busy in taking long strides in the beauty & grooming sector serving its clientele with quality & innovation. The Vardhaman Group now owns the brands Kraftpro & HNK and is slowly increasing its repertoire of finely crafted products as well as newer brands with each passing year.